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30 Sep

5 of the Best Parks to Explore in Tucson

One of the best parts of living in Tucson is the many parks available for hikers, nature lovers, and casual walkers. The desert landscape alongside the mountains features a unique collection of wildlife and plants. From hardcore hiking to leisurely strolls, Tucson has many parks to fit every type of adventurer.

To help Tucson residents and visitors better discover their options for parks in the area, the City of Tucson maintains a list of parks that offer places to play, picnic, exercise, and relax. Tucson also prioritizes having plenty of undeveloped park properties to preserve the area’s wildlife and to expand developed parks in the future. Whether you’re interested in a recreation park or a garden, Tucson has an option for you.

Christopher Columbus Park

Connected to the Diamond St. Loop, Christopher Columbus Park boasts two lakes, one of which is large for fishing while the other is smaller and used for recreational boating. The park also includes a playground and a dog park. Residents and visitors enjoy this park and consider it a go-to location for their outdoor adventures.

Rillito River Park

Situated along the Rillito River, this park is a 12-mile-long linear space that stretches alongside the north and south banks of the Rillito River from Interstate 10 to North Craycroft Road. Also a part of The Loop, it serves Tucson and its suburbs. Rillito River Park is ideal for equestrians, exercisers, and wildlife viewers. This park offers exercise stations, restrooms, plenty of walkways, and much more.

Himmel Park

Just outside the center of Tucson, Himmel Park is 24.3 acres of urban park, providing plenty of options for play for all ages. The park facilities include the Himmel Park Branch Library, two playgrounds, a swimming pool, a grass amphitheater, basketball courts, lit tennis courts, and four soccer fields. With its location within central Tucson, park-goers can also enjoy a quick trip to nearby ice cream shops and restaurants.

Reid Park Rose Garden

Originally started as a test garden in partnership with the University of Arizona, Reid Park Rose Garden is now maintained by the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation. The garden has received the Garden of the Year Award from the American Rose Society’s Pacific Southwest District in 2012. The Reid Park Rose Garden contains more than 100 species of roses and 800 individual plants.

Limberlost Family Park

On the northern side of Tucson, Limberlost Family Park sprawls about 6.55 acres with plenty of shade provided by Mesquite and Cyprus trees. This picturesque park is sometimes used for weddings, and it offers picnic sites as well as barbecue spaces. The playgrounds and sports courts are perfect for all types of outdoor activities, and a cement walkway loops around the circumference of the park for people who want to stretch their legs.

Tucson offers some of the best parks for every type of resident or visitor. With nearby national parks as well as urban parks, there is something for everyone.

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