Eco Friendly Home
30 Oct

9 Ways to Keep Your Home Environmentally Friendly

An environmentally friendly home starts with building plans but continues with your everyday decisions. Your home is only as environmentally friendly as you’re willing to make it. But studies show that environmentally-friendly decisions have both short and long term benefits for your wallet and for the world. From water conservation to energy efficiency, your home can be comfortable and eco-friendly too.

Save Your Water

Whether you have leaks or you like to run the water while brushing your teeth, save your water by fixing the leaks and turning off the tap when you’re not using the water. A simple way to save water is to install a low-flow shower head as well. Satellite-controlled sprinkler systems keep up with the weather forecast and only water your lawn when it needs it. A dual-flush toilet provides the option of using less water per flush, depending on the waste type.

A Smart Meter

A smart meter not only offers comfortable temperatures, but it also saves energy. Some smart meters allow separate temperatures to be programmed throughout the day and also keep tabs on what rooms you’re in the most, ensuring that the room of choice matches your desired temperature. If you aren’t home for hours at a time, the thermostat will adjust to a temperature that is the most efficient. A smart meter keeps you comfortable and decreases your energy bill and carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Choosing the right light bulb can make a world of difference for your home’s energy use, electricity bill, and bulb replacement needs. Older light bulbs require more energy, and they also cost more to run. This small and simple change will save you money and time.

Solar Panels

Depending on where your home is located, solar panels might be an excellent option for generating clean energy for your home. While solar panels can be expensive, they are an investment in your home and the world. In some situations, you may even be able to sell some of your clean energy back to the grid.

Natural Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products include harmful chemicals, and when used, are added into the water. And it will take a while before the water is safe to use again. Natural cleaning products get the job done without adding stress to the environment. Some of the best natural cleaning products include vinegar and baking soda.

Home Insulation

Another way to improve your home’s energy use is by investing in quality insulation for the walls of your home. Insulation helps to manage your home’s temperature, which decreases the need of your HVAC system. Walls and roofs should have insulation, and windows can be treated with double glazing or dual panes to help keep your home at the temperature you like.


If you cook with veggies or find yourself throwing out leftovers, consider whether or not you have space for a compost bin. Food scraps and waste can become wonderful dirt for your garden or yard. Just be sure to be strategic about where you place your compost bin as it does create an odor.

Buy Recycled

Your money has an impact. When you choose to buy recycled products, you’re showing companies what you value—the environment. Recycled products are available in everything from toilet paper to gaming consoles. Rather than purchasing a brand-new, mass-produced piece of furniture, seek out used items or furniture that’s been built with sustainable materials such as organic cotton, reclaimed wood, or recycled fabric. Invest in your home, your life, and your planet!

Consult a Sustainability Expert

A sustainability expert can provide in-depth information about the resources available for making your home truly environmentally friendly in every capacity. Together, it’s possible to come up with a plan to increase your home’s efficiency while decreasing costs.

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