Seasons change and so can the aesthetic of your home. There are many ways to decorate your space with a fall festive and warm feel. Whether you’re looking for an elegant, statement-making fall arrangement for your table centerpiece or something on the casual side of everyday decor, you can surely find something on this list to suit your style.

1. Charming Table Centerpieces

Dress your table up for the season of home cooking. Table centerpieces draw attention and make a statement. For your centerpiece, you can choose to go as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

Take a container that best represents the season to you and fill it with all of the fall tones—whether that be fiery flowers, berries, leaves, pinecones, pumpkin, squash, apples, or gourds. You could even take out and replace pieces throughout the season to impress your guests with a new, stunning centerpiece each night.

2. Bewitching Mantelpiece Arrangements

Elevate nights around the fireplace with a fresh fall mantelpiece look. A garland isn’t just a great ornament to hang at Christmastime; use the decorative braid to display pumpkins, leaves, or flowers. Then, layer it in autumnal hues and plaid accents to bring your display to life. A Halloween-themed mantelpiece could even include dark colors, candle holders, and cobwebs for a spooky delight.

3. Stylish Candle Holders

Keep your table or mantel spooky and bright with stylish fall candle holders. When it comes to creating a snug atmosphere, the aroma of a themed candle heightens the experience. It’s only fitting to adorn your best fall candles with a candle holder that represents the season.

Candle holders come in many shapes, textures, colors, and designs. To suit the theme, a flora taper candle holder goes cleverly with your foliage decorations or a vintage brass candelabra brings a classic touch of beauty.

4. Personalized Autumn Signs

Prop up a sign to complete your modern fall decor. A welcoming autumn sign can add a touch of warmth and cheer to your home. Each little message portrays it loud and clear: The autumn season is here and let’s celebrate! A fall sign like “Hey There Pumpkin” is a charming and amusing display for guests, whereas “Give Thanks” could leave a sweet reminder to express gratitude for the season.

5. Fall-Themed Pillows

Prep your sofa, bed, or outdoor seating for the season with a few festive throw pillows. Your guests need something comfortable to rest against, and there are endless fall-themed pillows to adorn and cozy up to — like harvest, leaves, plaid, pumpkins, and more designs. But when in doubt, a simple rich color, warm texture, or iconic pattern can spruce up the autumnal impression of your home.

6. Cozy Flannel Blankets

Nothing accentuates a throw pillow quite like a cozy blanket. Ultra-soft flannel blankets can be a focal point on your couch while also offering functionality for guests to use for warmth. Your choice of flannel colors and shades will depend on the rest of your interior decorations, but nevertheless, it will play off your fall decor by adding a timeless, cozy appeal.

7. Layered Rugs

Double up on rugs to create a richer and comfortable feel. Layering rugs is a design style where you place one rug on top of another. It makes your space seem more defined, warmer, and comfortable. When you’re selecting the right floor coverings, you’ll need to consider the thickness of each carpet, the colors, and the patterns to complement the room. A popular choice in layering rugs is to use a neutral base rug and overlap it with a smaller, textured rug.

8. Pumpkin Wreath

The outside of your home deserves a “fall” makeover just as much as—if not more than—the inside of your home does. Hanging the prettiest fall wreath on the front door and adorning your porch with holiday cheer shows guests exactly what’s in store indoors and maximizes curb appeal. An assortment of miniature pumpkins and wreath frames can be found at local craft stores as well as artificial red, yellow, and orange leaves for a decorative arrangement you can create yourself.

9. Twinkling Outdoor Lights

Brighten your autumn mood with the best fall lighting. The lower temperatures allow us more time outdoors, and what better way to boost the ambiance than with illuminating features? String lights can be placed in many different areas, like on surrounding trees, a deck railing, posts, and more. Another neat lighting idea is luminaries along the walkway—which can also double as a pathway for trick-or-treaters to reach your doorstep.

10. Classy Halloween Decorations

Last but not least, ‘tis the season of Halloween, which not only means dressing ourselves up, but our home too! Getting into the Halloween spirit does not mean you must go over the top with inflatables or frightening animatronic figurines. From jack-o-lanterns to cauldrons, there’s room in your decor for just the right amount of eerie and elegant that can stay up all season long!

The design of your own home should embody your lifestyle. At Fairfield Homes, we can tailor your dream home to your preferences, whether a fully custom build or a partial custom build. Speak with a consultant today to get started on the home of your dreams!

Designing a custom or semi-custom home is a huge undertaking with a number of big decisions falling on your shoulders. When you build, it turns into a full-scale commitment that may look overwhelming — from customizing the floor plan to selecting paint options. As you begin the home-building process, consider implementing these tips to make your dream home a reality.

Start Simple

Start your project with a goal. You’re crafting a sanctuary that you will come back to at the end of each day to unwind and feel at ease. So, take it easy in the beginning. Create a checklist of ideas, features you may want in each room, or important must-haves. Once you lay out the structure of your project, then you can begin working your way towards final decisions with the help and feedback from your builder.

Plan for the Future

Imagine what your life could look like two years, five years, even 10 years down the road. Would your home still meet your style and function desires? When designing a home, you need to think long-term rather than “right now.” Do you plan on having kids? How much storage space will you need? Turns out, most homeowners underestimate how much space they need, which can be inconvenient for organization purposes and cost more to upgrade later on. Planning your home to fit your future needs will save you from continuously expanding to suit your situation.

Prioritize Function and Flow

A design that serves a purpose holds up over time. Dig into the details of your daily routine and consider what would make your everyday life uncomplicated. An open floor plan, for example, establishes a good connection and logical layout for smooth access throughout your home. Think about your previous or current home, what you like or dislike about the setup, and make sure you can achieve this with your future home. Leave no stone unturned and use every space to its fullest potential.

Upgrade During the Build

Some materials can be easier to change than others, but larger functional characteristics that impact important structural elements will not be. By upgrading at the start, you won’t need to worry about improving later. High-end materials and new appliances will last for years and save you money on maintenance and repairs. And, new homebuyers will be looking for the updated features. All in all, don’t set yourself up for additional work and money spent down the road — upgrade now.

Make it Your Own

You deserve to look around 15 years from now and still love the selections you chose. Although your custom home builder has the experience and expertise, YOU make the decisions. Pick the materials that best reflect your taste, personality, and style, that you will appreciate for years to come. Designing your own home can be a meticulous process, but it’s also so rewarding to take a part in building your future!

Fairfield Homes designs custom and semi-custom homes with wellness and luxury in mind to fit your lifestyle. Contact us today to get started on the home of your dreams!


Summer is the season for fun and creativity. It’s a time for brightening up your home and bringing new elements for a personal touch. Whether you’re enjoying the sunshine outdoors or cooling off in the comfort of your home, there are so many ways to brighten up and personalize your space.  

Celebrate the beginning of a new season with these fresh indoor and outdoor home decor ideas!

Interior Home Decorations for Summer

Bright Colors

During the summer, the sun splashes remarkably vibrant rays from all angles of your windows. Bringing bright colors into your home, whether through pillows, throw blankets, or even wall design naturally catches the eye. White and pastel colors reflect more light, giving your home an open and airy feel.

You could even mix-and-match colored decor, like mint green with pastel pink or light blue with soft yellow. The colors of summer bring a fresh, lively, and fun essence to the scene of your home. Splashing a bit of color amongst your living room or bedroom decor will round in that summertime look.

A SUMMER-Themed Candle

Candle scents are often associated with a particular season. For example, the smell of a pumpkin spice candle may elicit memories of fall. But what scents remind you of summer? 

Perhaps summer smells like an ocean breeze or beach driftwood. And nothing quite suggests summer is upon us like fresh fruit. Watermelon, oranges, lemons, strawberries, and more scents bring the outdoors into your home. Set the tone for the season with a summer-themed aroma and decadently styled candle.

Light Bedding

The cold weather of winter and spring is no more, get prepared for the heat of summer! It’s time to pack up the flannel, fleece, and heavyweight blankets in favor of lighter bedclothes.

Linen and cotton fabrics are ideal for warmer seasons because they are made from a natural fiber that allows more air to pass through. Adorning your bed with a throw blanket could even replace those heavier, heat-trapping comforters. Keep cool while you sleep.

Accent Dishes

Bring summertime to your dishware. Upgrading your table setting with accent dishes that complement your everyday dishware adds a touch of seasonal enthusiasm to your home. 

Popular summer dish designs include tropical, nautical, and floral. You could also go for vibrantly colored plates, bowls, and trays to exude the brightness of summer. Your accent dishes will bring joy, creativity, and fun to your dining experience no matter your choice.

Updated Shower Curtains

The average person walks into a bathroom at least five times or more a day, and that means looking at the same shower curtain over and over again. Retire the old shower curtain for a brand new one that transports you to a tropical oasis.

An underwater aquarium scene or tropical garden scene can make for a fun game of I Spy. Or opt for a bright, colorful pattern to make your bathroom more vibrant. Changing up your shower curtains will bring a sense of entertainment and liven up your bathroom for the season.

Exterior Home Decorations for Summer

String Lights

Currently, string lights domineer outdoor setting designs. This trend of stringing up lights around your backyard and trees exists to transform your regular outdoor experience into a magical retreat.

String lights are easy, simple, and inexpensive items that capture the perfect ambiance. You can even save Christmas lights that you would normally pack away to incorporate into your outdoor summer experience. 

SUMMER-Themed Pillows

With summertime comes beautiful weather and a desire to sit outside more. When you cozy up on your patio furniture to gaze up at the sky, you will need a soft and decorative pillow to lean back on.

Adorn your patio or yard furniture with pillows that capture the summer look you’re going for. You can get bold by mixing different designs or maintaining a theme. However you choose to mix-and-match is up to you; after all, summer is about creativity and fun!

Shaded Canopy

Summer doesn’t always need to include soaking in the sun. If you would rather keep the summer heat and rays at bay, you would love to add a shaded canopy to your patio. 

Shaded canopies are not just used for practicality, you can choose from a variety of colors and designs. Keep in mind that dark colors absorb sunlight and light colors reflect sunlight when choosing a canopy for the best shade.

Fire Pit

When friends and family come to visit, they gravitate towards the fire pit. It’s simply the best area to sit around and talk with each other and it’s also the ultimate, versatile decoration.

Despite the hotter summer months, it often gets cooler at night. You can use the fire pit to make food and s’mores, stargaze, or lounge and talk. Summer is a time to kick back and sit around the fire pit with the ones you love. 

Wind Chimes

Bring the outdoor summer experience together with wind chimes. Wind chimes add a melodious sound and calming effect to your home. Thought to rid off negativity, wind chimes reduce stress and promote inner peace. When purchasing wind chimes, stay mindful of your neighbors. Too much metal may prove bothersome, but you can opt for more relaxing tones with bamboo chimes, beaded chimes, or sea glass chimes.

Moreover, decorative wind chimes add a flare of style to your landscape. Wind chimes do not sound exactly like any other, so your outdoor sound is uniquely yours.

At Fairfield, we’re experts in helping you design your dream home. Don’t miss out on optimized views and luxurious home design, contact us today!