24 Apr

3 Spas to Visit in Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona has made a name for itself when it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation—specifically massage. With its resort spas, outdoor recreation activities, and its stunning landscape, Arizona continues to top the list of spa destinations for A-listers such as Oprah Winfrey and Sharon Stone.

Throughout Southern Arizona, but especially Tucson, a range of wonderful spa options exist. Choices between all-inclusive spa experiences to just an a-la-carte situation keep things tailored to exactly what each individual needs. Here are a few of the amazing Southern Arizona spas to visit for the best massage.

Aji Spa at Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass

Dip into the ancient cultures of Arizona by experiencing a spa menu that showcases Native American practices for body rejuvenation and relaxation. The treatments, activities, and practices are only added to the spa menu after being subjected to a complicated approval process. Specific treatments are offered by Aji’s Pima and Maricopa Cultural Care Takers to ensure authenticity and respect of sacred doctrines.

The Aji Spa, named “sanctuary” in the Pima language, extends over 17,500 square feet. The area includes a traditional American Indian roundhouse, Watsu pool, a fitness center, and a salon. To pay respect to its Native American influence, the spa showcases the cultures of the Pima and Maricopa tribes through architecture and artwork.

Spa Treatment Highlight: Thoachta (“Healing” by Belen Stoneman)

This treatment is a combination of massage, polarity, and ancient Pima healing doctrines. Starting with a short consultation, Belen Stoneman listens to what you have to say but then turns to your body to learn what else it needs. The massage closes with Belen sharing with you what your body and spirit communicated with her.

Armorless Body Therapies

Rejuvenate with the help of alternative health practices and integrative massage specializations at Armorless Body Therapies in Tucson. This spa subscribes to the understanding that our bodies often manifest the emotional pain, fears, and anxieties that we live in our day-to-day existence. When it comes to their treatments, this spa seeks to integrate mindfulness techniques alongside massage and other care.

Armorless Body Therapies stands behind their motto “armadillos need armor, people don’t” by enhancing your natural health with their spiritual healing process, holistic help, and massage treatments. With services ranging from deep tissue massage to body-mind awareness, clients can have their needs truly cared for.

Spa Treatment Highlight: Deep Massage Therapy with RadixTechnique

Together, deep massage and RadixTechnique work to bring profound processing of deep change from emotional baggage and struggle. Through self-awareness guided by compassion, experience your full range of emotions and allow natural healing through expression. This hands-on treatment is healing and offers new insights.

Miraval, Life in Balance Resort

Escape to the shadow of the Santa Catalina Mountains for a truly restorative experience at the Miraval Resort and Spa. With a purpose focused on the present moment, Miraval unfurls multiple options for exploring what it looks like to have a life in balance. This spa creates a sanctuary for personal transitions in healing through invigorating treatments.

Miraval believes in creating a resort and spa that is in harmony with its environment. Arizona is home to natural beauty, sacred spaces, and rich culture. The Miraval Life in Balance spa commits to offering healing experiences that incorporate ancient and modern techniques to better serve their clients.

Spa Treatment Highlight: Coastal Stone Massage

Warm volcanic stones are placed onto the body to soothe aches and pains throughout your body. Your massage therapist will work across your body for a full-body treatment to release deep muscle tension and rejuvenate your muscles. To enhance the experience further, relax into natural aromatherapy oils.

No matter where you choose to relax and rejuvenate, Southern Arizona offers so many wonderful, specialty options—just like we do at Fairfield Homes. Explore your new home styles and options with one of our design experts today.