Fairfield Balance

Fairfield Balance® takes luxury living to a new level, integrating health and wellness seamlessly into your home.

Balanced Living in your home.

A home is not just a house. It’s your refuge, your safe haven, your place of relaxation and recharging. We’ve taken that to heart with Fairfield Balance, an integrated system of wellness support for your home.

Breathe easy


Effortlessly monitor the quality of your air, and breathe easy knowing you’re in control.
Water, upgraded


Impurities in your water are filtered out, so you can enjoy a clean, refreshing drink any time.
Light up your life

Light up your life

Watch your sleep and productivity improve with automatic, balanced lighting throughout your home.
A Good night’s rest


Rest is critical to a balanced life. With blackout blinds, you can maximize the quality of your sleep for an energizing day.
Dawn Simulation

Dawn Simulation

Wake up on the right side of the bed with simulated natural dawn lighting, and take charge of your day.
Circadian lighting

Circadian lighting

Balance your natural, circadian sleep cycle with lighting designed to simulate natural sunlight and rhythms.
Responsive purification


Air pollutants are automatically filtered and removed, boosting your home experience and wellness.
Balanced Wellness

Balanced Wellness

Your home becomes a part of your health by preparing your body and mind for anything that comes your way.


Enjoy peaceful, revitalizing rest with a sleep experience that keeps your mind and body sharp. Wake up on the rights side of the bed.


Energize your body, or unwind after a busy day.


Breathe easy and rest well knowing your air and water are clean and pure. With effortless control, experience better health by creating a perfectly filtered environment.


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