Luxury living
30 Sep

Build Your Lifestyle into Your Home

When you design your custom home, you can develop it around your lifestyle. Whether its an expansive breakfast bar for early-morning breakfast lovers or an at-home movie lounge for the enthusiastic movie buff, your home should be tailored to fit all the things you love.

A new home is a canvas for your already colorful life. Whether you’re a biker, a hiker, a painter, a woodworker, a musician, a gamer, or something else, don’t conform your life to your house. Construct a space that facilitates and celebrates the things you love most about your life.

What Are Your Life Priorities?

  • Do you love to cook?
  • Would you like to display your special collection items?
  • Do any of your hobbies need extra storage space?
  • Would you love a crafting or sewing room?
  • How do you use your free time the most?
  • Do you work from home?

Determining the setup of your new home takes time and a lot of thoughtful questions. As you decide what’s best for you and your family, talk with friends and experts alike about what it looks like to design and build a home. Their input will guide you through the process, helping you to avoid possible frustrations.

Plan Your House Layout

When you know what kinds of rooms and space you want, it’s time to determine the smartest floor plan for your life. Layout influences traffic flow, privacy, and usefulness of the rooms. There’s a reason that kitchens often flank the dining room with an easy path to the outdoor patio.

One way to discover great house layouts that might fit your needs is to look at examples. At Fairfield Homes, we have plenty of floor plans for you to explore. Feel free to ask!

House Layout Questions to Ask

  • Do you want an open floor plan?
  • Is it important to have formal and informal areas in your home?
  • Will you want a multi-story home?
  • How many house entrances do you want? Side doors?
  • Would you like outdoor and indoor spaces to flow together or be separate?
  • What rooms do you want near each other?
  • Are there any home spaces that you want to be more private?

Personalize Your Room Structure to Your Lifestyle

Most homes include a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Staples of the home, people need spaces to make food, rest, and recover. Yet, while these are home standards, each of these rooms can be customized to your favorite daily habits.

Let’s take a look at how these standard rooms can adapt to your life.


  • Do you need lots of counter space for food prep?
  • Will you be eating in your kitchen most of the time?
  • Does it make sense to have an island for food preparation or serving?
  • Will your kitchen be the social spot in your home?
  • What specialty items will you want: walk-in pantry, wet bar, coffee bar?


  • Will you want full baths for every bathroom?
  • Does it make sense to have bathrooms connected to bedrooms?
  • Do you want a tub, shower, combined tub and shower, a jacuzzi tub, dual vanities?
  • What kind of storage will you want in your bathroom?

It’s your home so it should fit your life! And when you design your own home whether from partial custom build or fully custom, you can make your home your own.

At FairField Homes we can tailor your dream home to your preferences and lifestyle. Speak with a consultant today to get started on the home of your dreams!