Indoor Plants

The 6 Best Plants for Your Home

Your home is your garden — or perhaps your garden is your home. In-home gardens are a perfect way to bring life to your home, especially if your desired plants can’t live outside or you don’t have space for a garden. Here are some amazing house plants to turn your space into a natural paradise.

Many plants will grow well in your home, especially if they have a sunny window to sit in. Plants are also a great way to add a bit of color accent to your home, offer air purifications, and grow something delicious for your table.

Before you start perusing all your plant options, here are a few tips to get your garden started. Choose a location in your home that gets lots of sunlight without any weird drafts. You’ll want to ensure that they’re planted in high-quality potting soil and that you water them regularly. But keep in mind that some plants only need minimal care, sunshine, and water.

Snake Plant

This minimal care plant is perfect if you don’t think you have a green thumb, but you want to have plants. A snake plant can survive with hardly any light and very little water. Basically, you could stick it in a closet and water once a month, and it would somehow live. A snake plant is also shown to be a great air filter, removing chemicals from the air such as benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene.


Imagine pretty plants that you can use for your cooking, too! Herbs are a pretty addition to any kitchen window, and their proximity makes it even easier to add some fresh herbs to your cooking. These plants are a perfect and practical addition to any in-home garden!


This low maintenance and fast-growing plant is the perfect option for new gardeners. Scallions grow easily from seeds or even scraps of leftover scallions from your recipes. This grass-like plant is a fun window accent, and it will make your cooking even more delicious.

ZZ Plant

If you want plants in a lower light environment, the ZZ plant is a perfect option because it is both drought tolerant and low maintenance. The plant is able to store water to help it survive droughts, which means that you don’t have to water it often. It prefers once a month.


Small peppers can be the prettiest addition to your indoor plant life. Edible and cute, small peppers such as chili peppers and shishitos can be grown inside. They need plenty of sunshine to thrive so choose a very sunny window.

Aloe Vera

Another multipurpose plant, aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It soothes wounds and various skin conditions as well. Aloe vera prefers super dry soil and lots of sunshine so stick it in a window and feel free to forget to water it for weeks on end. It will thrive. And that’s perfect for people who don’t have a green thumb.

No matter what plants you choose to grow indoors, you’ll discover a perfect way to add to the décor of your home while also purifying the air. Plants of all kinds offer an uplifting presence to any home.

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