Discover Tucson’s 6 Districts

Welcome to Tucson and its six unique districts: Main Gate, Fourth Avenue, Congress Street, Presidio, Convention, and Sentinel. Connected by the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar, the six downtown districts are easy to explore and offer plenty of  unique vibes, history, and entertainment opportunities.

Whether you live near Tucson or are planning a day trip, Tucson promises to be a space to enjoy a wonderful culture and cuisine.

Main Gate District: Relive Your College Years

Located next to the University of Arizona, the Main Gate District boasts loads of UA gear, name-brand stores, and so much more. Main Gate is close to the center of town and only moments away from the northern foothills. This district also unrolls a warm welcome with its many options for delicious food from burritos to sushi to fro-yo. Quench your thirst on craft beers, fancy cocktails, or freshly brewed coffee.

The Main Gate is as proud as ever of the hometown Wildcats. Area businesses offer specials to keep school spirit up and Bear Down Fridays, the day before UA games, are an event that you don’t want to miss.

Fourth Avenue District: Hipster Before It Was Cool

Locals consider the Fourth Avenue District to be one of the places that defined the term “hipster” before it entered the mainstream. This area of District flaunts a collection of local artisans, boutiques, and thrift stores. Discover curated vintage wear, jewelry, artwork, hand-crafted items, old books, antiques, and so much more. Meanwhile, since 1971, the Food Conspiracy Co-Op has anchored the district with its organic, bulk, and locally produced food.

For the past fifty years, the Fourth Avenue Street Fair happens bi-annually in the spring and winter, providing a family-friendly option featuring artists from all around the country, carnival food, and plenty of shopping.

Congress Street District: Where History Meets Present Day

Stroll through Tucson’s cultural center, taking in the skyscrapers side by side with the preserved historic sites. New sidewalk cafes and acclaimed restaurants sit next to the Tucson Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, vintage shops, theaters, startup businesses, and music venues. You’ll want to see the Historic Depot, the Hotel Congress, and so much more.

Once you’ve had your fill of history and modern entertainment options, the Congress Street District has so many mouth-watering bites to choose from, no matter your food desires. Enjoy Mexican award-winning cuisine, delicious craft breweries, and so many other flavors.

Presidio District: It All Started with a Spanish Military Fort

Set on an expanse of land where the Spanish military fort was located in 1775, this district boasts a 2,000-year-old prehistoric pit house and an original 150-year-old Sonoran row house at the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson Museum. Visitors and locals can take a tour that reveals what life was like for the first occupants of Tucson. The area offers art galleries, bars, restaurants, cafes, and breweries. Don’t miss out on exploring Tucson’s UNESCO City of Gastronomy designation with the Presidio District Experience: A Progressive Food Heritage and History Tour.

No matter where you start in the Presidio District, you’re sure to find some amazing options for food, entertainment, and history. Also consider taking the Turquoise Trail, a 2.5-loop that highlights the historic sites through downtown Tucson.

Convention Center District

New commerce, creative development, and expanded public transportation make the Convention Center District an epicenter for entertainment. The newly upgraded arena along with plenty of parking and landscaped grounds sits in the midst of 27 acres of nationally significant Eckbo-designed Modernist landscape with a fountain, public art, seating areas, and cultural venues such as the Tucson Music Hall, Leo Rich Theater, Rialto Theatre, Temple of Music and Art, El Presidio Park, and Jacome Plaza.

From the Convention Center District, it’s easy for visitors and locals alike to quickly access shops, museums, eateries, and so much more. Public transportation makes the rest of Tucson easily accessible from the convention center.

Sentinel District

Denoted by the natural landmark of Sentinel Peak, lovingly termed “A” Mountain by UA students, Sentinel District is just west of downtown. The area flaunts Mission Garden, which highlights Tucson’s 4,000-year agricultural history as well as its award of the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in the United States in 2015. The area often has something going on from weekly farmers markets to regular outdoor movies to live concerts, including fun festivals and the All Souls Procession with a parade grand finale and other performances.

Whether you want to hike or visit one of the locally-owned businesses, Sentinel District is near Tumamoc Hill, a living research laboratory with a car-free paved trail, and not far from delicious eateries such as La Estrella, Seis Kitchen, Stella Java, and so much more.

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