Many people report that moving into a community was one of the best decisions they ever made. From upscale features and amenities to a warm and welcoming neighborhood, living in a community is like occupying your own private city. And, you can freely explore your newfound city with a sense of safety and comfort.

Low Maintenance Living

Living in a planned community often includes active homeowner associations that handle the ongoing upkeep of your community. Homeowners maintain their independence with less of the responsibility, not having to worry about yard work, exterior painting, and roofing that you may have to do without an HOA. In addition, these communities are designed with the buyer demographic in mind, with select floor plans and features that accommodate active adults.

Higher Home Standards

A community that holds higher home standards, such as those with HOA codes, helps maintain a clean and cohesive atmosphere in the neighborhood. These rules ensure the quality and design of your property and neighborhood. This means tidier yards, quality home appearance, and smoother roads shared with neighbors who care about maintaining their homes and community. Typically, these homes are more expensive, but may increase your property value for a profit in the long run.

Active Lifestyle

It’s more than a community, it’s a lifestyle. Living in a community with a multitude of leisure facilities and activities gives residents an opportunity to remain physically healthy. Some active adult communities include on-site sports courts, pools, workout facilities, and golf courses. Leisure and sports activities in communities improve individuals’ health and well-being and promote the development of inclusive communities. Every interest is considered to get the best out of your living experience. And, the best part, it’s all exclusive to you and your community.

Exclusivity and Security

Living in a gated community means far fewer solicitors knocking on your door, if any at all. Under careful monitoring by your community’s security and gates, you can feel safe and secure knowing who is coming and going. In this controlled area, you also benefit from less crime and less interference from the outside world.

Sense of Community

Studies show that having a sense of community largely affects a person’s well-being and quality of life. We all want to feel like we belong, and that’s exactly what you get when you move into a community. Your neighbors become your friends, and over time, possibly like your second family. It’s more than a friendly wave in the morning, you and your neighbors likely share hobbies and interests depending on your community’s characteristics.

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Summer is the season for fun and creativity. It’s a time for brightening up your home and bringing new elements for a personal touch. Whether you’re enjoying the sunshine outdoors or cooling off in the comfort of your home, there are so many ways to brighten up and personalize your space.  

Celebrate the beginning of a new season with these fresh indoor and outdoor home decor ideas!

Interior Home Decorations for Summer

Bright Colors

During the summer, the sun splashes remarkably vibrant rays from all angles of your windows. Bringing bright colors into your home, whether through pillows, throw blankets, or even wall design naturally catches the eye. White and pastel colors reflect more light, giving your home an open and airy feel.

You could even mix-and-match colored decor, like mint green with pastel pink or light blue with soft yellow. The colors of summer bring a fresh, lively, and fun essence to the scene of your home. Splashing a bit of color amongst your living room or bedroom decor will round in that summertime look.

A SUMMER-Themed Candle

Candle scents are often associated with a particular season. For example, the smell of a pumpkin spice candle may elicit memories of fall. But what scents remind you of summer? 

Perhaps summer smells like an ocean breeze or beach driftwood. And nothing quite suggests summer is upon us like fresh fruit. Watermelon, oranges, lemons, strawberries, and more scents bring the outdoors into your home. Set the tone for the season with a summer-themed aroma and decadently styled candle.

Light Bedding

The cold weather of winter and spring is no more, get prepared for the heat of summer! It’s time to pack up the flannel, fleece, and heavyweight blankets in favor of lighter bedclothes.

Linen and cotton fabrics are ideal for warmer seasons because they are made from a natural fiber that allows more air to pass through. Adorning your bed with a throw blanket could even replace those heavier, heat-trapping comforters. Keep cool while you sleep.

Accent Dishes

Bring summertime to your dishware. Upgrading your table setting with accent dishes that complement your everyday dishware adds a touch of seasonal enthusiasm to your home. 

Popular summer dish designs include tropical, nautical, and floral. You could also go for vibrantly colored plates, bowls, and trays to exude the brightness of summer. Your accent dishes will bring joy, creativity, and fun to your dining experience no matter your choice.

Updated Shower Curtains

The average person walks into a bathroom at least five times or more a day, and that means looking at the same shower curtain over and over again. Retire the old shower curtain for a brand new one that transports you to a tropical oasis.

An underwater aquarium scene or tropical garden scene can make for a fun game of I Spy. Or opt for a bright, colorful pattern to make your bathroom more vibrant. Changing up your shower curtains will bring a sense of entertainment and liven up your bathroom for the season.

Exterior Home Decorations for Summer

String Lights

Currently, string lights domineer outdoor setting designs. This trend of stringing up lights around your backyard and trees exists to transform your regular outdoor experience into a magical retreat.

String lights are easy, simple, and inexpensive items that capture the perfect ambiance. You can even save Christmas lights that you would normally pack away to incorporate into your outdoor summer experience. 

SUMMER-Themed Pillows

With summertime comes beautiful weather and a desire to sit outside more. When you cozy up on your patio furniture to gaze up at the sky, you will need a soft and decorative pillow to lean back on.

Adorn your patio or yard furniture with pillows that capture the summer look you’re going for. You can get bold by mixing different designs or maintaining a theme. However you choose to mix-and-match is up to you; after all, summer is about creativity and fun!

Shaded Canopy

Summer doesn’t always need to include soaking in the sun. If you would rather keep the summer heat and rays at bay, you would love to add a shaded canopy to your patio. 

Shaded canopies are not just used for practicality, you can choose from a variety of colors and designs. Keep in mind that dark colors absorb sunlight and light colors reflect sunlight when choosing a canopy for the best shade.

Fire Pit

When friends and family come to visit, they gravitate towards the fire pit. It’s simply the best area to sit around and talk with each other and it’s also the ultimate, versatile decoration.

Despite the hotter summer months, it often gets cooler at night. You can use the fire pit to make food and s’mores, stargaze, or lounge and talk. Summer is a time to kick back and sit around the fire pit with the ones you love. 

Wind Chimes

Bring the outdoor summer experience together with wind chimes. Wind chimes add a melodious sound and calming effect to your home. Thought to rid off negativity, wind chimes reduce stress and promote inner peace. When purchasing wind chimes, stay mindful of your neighbors. Too much metal may prove bothersome, but you can opt for more relaxing tones with bamboo chimes, beaded chimes, or sea glass chimes.

Moreover, decorative wind chimes add a flare of style to your landscape. Wind chimes do not sound exactly like any other, so your outdoor sound is uniquely yours.

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Homebuyers entering the market set out in hopes of purchasing a previously-owned home or working with a builder to design their own custom dream home. However, a third option remains for those who would like to buy something new without the hassle of designing an entirely custom home, this option is known as spec homes or move-in ready homes.

What is a spec home?

The term “spec home” comes from the word “speculative.” Builders scope out the market for popular layouts, trends, and needs of the community to make the homes more appealing to potential buyers. When a builder begins the construction of a spec home, they speculate that someone will want to purchase the home and build with a specific demographic in mind.

Is a spec home the same as a model home?

The short answer is no, a spec home is not the same as a model home. For spec homes, a builder buys a specific plot of land, assuming someone will want a home there and begins building with the intent of selling. Typically, builders construct model homes in large batches, like a subdivision, with a few basic floor plans prepared for each. Most model homes look alike, whereas a spec home offers prospective buyers some customization power.

If a buyer shows interest during the early construction of a spec home, that buyer can jump in with customizations, finishings, and materials that one would consider an upgrade. In terms of price, spec homes fall in the middle between custom homes and model homes, with model homes being on the cheaper side due to material and build time.

As for choosing between a model home versus a spec home, consider if the home fits your needs. Ask yourself, what’s my budget? Do I like the home? Would I make any changes? How close is it to the amenities I’m looking for? If you would rather have some say in location or customization, you may consider a spec home instead.

What are the benefits of buying a spec home?

Expect quick, ready move-ins when choosing a spec home. Unlike custom home building, which generally requires eight months to two years, spec home building takes approximately six months to complete. Even then, spec homes typically go up for sale closer to the end of construction.

Since spec homes show up on the market closer to the finish date, you gain a more hands-off approach than custom home building requires. If you want to skip the process of choosing every detailed decision, from floor plans to roof material, then spec homes are the way to go. You won’t come down with a case of designer fatigue — otherwise known as feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options and decisions — because the builder makes those decisions for you.

However, some spec builders will allow a buyer to make changes in the early stages of construction. If you find a spec home that you like and want to buy, you could negotiate alterations or additions with the builder — so long as it’s fixed at a reasonable rate and written out in a contract. If you decide you like the house the way it is, the only step is choosing the finishes for your home and moving in!

Specs also allow buyers a chance to see the home before they decide to buy. Potential buyers can peruse the already-constructed site and visualize themselves living there. They may decide the layout is not what they’re looking for or fall completely in love with, already envisioning designs for each room. Overall, spec homes save buyers time otherwise spent on researching, planning, and decision making in the custom build world.

What are the downsides of buying a spec home?

The biggest downside of buying a spec house is not making most of the major design decisions. Some buyers want complete control over how their home looks, from the foundation to the general layout to the siding material. Creating a home and buying a home are big decisions. If spec homes do not meet a buyer’s expectations, then a custom home may fit better.

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