Many people report that moving into a community was one of the best decisions they ever made. From upscale features and amenities to a warm and welcoming neighborhood, living in a community is like occupying your own private city. And, you can freely explore your newfound city with a sense of safety and comfort.

Low Maintenance Living

Living in a planned community often includes active homeowner associations that handle the ongoing upkeep of your community. Homeowners maintain their independence with less of the responsibility, not having to worry about yard work, exterior painting, and roofing that you may have to do without an HOA. In addition, these communities are designed with the buyer demographic in mind, with select floor plans and features that accommodate active adults.

Higher Home Standards

A community that holds higher home standards, such as those with HOA codes, helps maintain a clean and cohesive atmosphere in the neighborhood. These rules ensure the quality and design of your property and neighborhood. This means tidier yards, quality home appearance, and smoother roads shared with neighbors who care about maintaining their homes and community. Typically, these homes are more expensive, but may increase your property value for a profit in the long run.

Active Lifestyle

It’s more than a community, it’s a lifestyle. Living in a community with a multitude of leisure facilities and activities gives residents an opportunity to remain physically healthy. Some active adult communities include on-site sports courts, pools, workout facilities, and golf courses. Leisure and sports activities in communities improve individuals’ health and well-being and promote the development of inclusive communities. Every interest is considered to get the best out of your living experience. And, the best part, it’s all exclusive to you and your community.

Exclusivity and Security

Living in a gated community means far fewer solicitors knocking on your door, if any at all. Under careful monitoring by your community’s security and gates, you can feel safe and secure knowing who is coming and going. In this controlled area, you also benefit from less crime and less interference from the outside world.

Sense of Community

Studies show that having a sense of community largely affects a person’s well-being and quality of life. We all want to feel like we belong, and that’s exactly what you get when you move into a community. Your neighbors become your friends, and over time, possibly like your second family. It’s more than a friendly wave in the morning, you and your neighbors likely share hobbies and interests depending on your community’s characteristics.

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Homebuyers entering the market set out in hopes of purchasing a previously-owned home or working with a builder to design their own custom dream home. However, a third option remains for those who would like to buy something new without the hassle of designing an entirely custom home, this option is known as spec homes or move-in ready homes.

What is a spec home?

The term “spec home” comes from the word “speculative.” Builders scope out the market for popular layouts, trends, and needs of the community to make the homes more appealing to potential buyers. When a builder begins the construction of a spec home, they speculate that someone will want to purchase the home and build with a specific demographic in mind.

Is a spec home the same as a model home?

The short answer is no, a spec home is not the same as a model home. For spec homes, a builder buys a specific plot of land, assuming someone will want a home there and begins building with the intent of selling. Typically, builders construct model homes in large batches, like a subdivision, with a few basic floor plans prepared for each. Most model homes look alike, whereas a spec home offers prospective buyers some customization power.

If a buyer shows interest during the early construction of a spec home, that buyer can jump in with customizations, finishings, and materials that one would consider an upgrade. In terms of price, spec homes fall in the middle between custom homes and model homes, with model homes being on the cheaper side due to material and build time.

As for choosing between a model home versus a spec home, consider if the home fits your needs. Ask yourself, what’s my budget? Do I like the home? Would I make any changes? How close is it to the amenities I’m looking for? If you would rather have some say in location or customization, you may consider a spec home instead.

What are the benefits of buying a spec home?

Expect quick, ready move-ins when choosing a spec home. Unlike custom home building, which generally requires eight months to two years, spec home building takes approximately six months to complete. Even then, spec homes typically go up for sale closer to the end of construction.

Since spec homes show up on the market closer to the finish date, you gain a more hands-off approach than custom home building requires. If you want to skip the process of choosing every detailed decision, from floor plans to roof material, then spec homes are the way to go. You won’t come down with a case of designer fatigue — otherwise known as feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options and decisions — because the builder makes those decisions for you.

However, some spec builders will allow a buyer to make changes in the early stages of construction. If you find a spec home that you like and want to buy, you could negotiate alterations or additions with the builder — so long as it’s fixed at a reasonable rate and written out in a contract. If you decide you like the house the way it is, the only step is choosing the finishes for your home and moving in!

Specs also allow buyers a chance to see the home before they decide to buy. Potential buyers can peruse the already-constructed site and visualize themselves living there. They may decide the layout is not what they’re looking for or fall completely in love with, already envisioning designs for each room. Overall, spec homes save buyers time otherwise spent on researching, planning, and decision making in the custom build world.

What are the downsides of buying a spec home?

The biggest downside of buying a spec house is not making most of the major design decisions. Some buyers want complete control over how their home looks, from the foundation to the general layout to the siding material. Creating a home and buying a home are big decisions. If spec homes do not meet a buyer’s expectations, then a custom home may fit better.

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Designing a custom home allows you free reign to express yourself. One of those ways is through color. Color holds significant power within society because we use it to represent ideas such as feelings. Studies found that every color generates different emotions. 

Choosing a room color means choosing how you want to feel while occupying that room. Find out what colors mean and how your room color affects your mood.

Yellow Uplifts Home Walls

A yellow room adds some pep in your step, like morning sunshine that spills in through your windows. Yellow signifies energy, joy, liveliness, and positivity. You may feel more open and alert in a yellow room.

Whereas a bright yellow can overstimulate and agitate, a softer pastel yellow could do wonders for your kitchen or home office to promote productivity and wellbeing.

Green Balances Home Walls

When you want to feel serene, choose the color green. Halfway between red and blue on the spectrum, green provides a welcome balance to your life. Green signifies nature, tranquility, health, and safety. 

Green could best work in the bathroom, providing an airy and revitalizing atmosphere. Since green emulates the natural world, it could work in whichever space you find best.

Blue Calms Home Walls

Peaceful as the soft waves of an ocean, the color blue calms your senses. Studies show that exposure to the color blue lowers blood pressure and keeps hunger at bay. Blue signifies serenity, stability, freedom, and safety.

Blue is the most popular interior paint choice due to its overall positive associations. The cool atmosphere may leave you feeling safe and secure.

Red Emboldens Home Walls

On the opposite side of the spectrum from blue, red evokes strong emotions. Red signifies passion, anger, love, and power. The complex and contradictory nature of red makes this color less desirable for room design.

The warm color often reinforces irritability and hostility. Red is best used as an accent color instead of a primary color to complement white, blue, and black. Maybe even consider red accessories rather than paint.

Purple Inspires Home Walls

The color purple occurs rarely in nature, which makes it one of the more mysterious and intriguing colors. Purple signifies creativity, awareness, royalty, and harmony. This exquisite color opens your mind to deeper thoughts. 

Immersing in a purple bedroom encourages imagination and stimulation. Due to its stimulating nature, a deep purple may keep you awake at night whereas a lighter purple like lavender softens and relaxes.

Pink Soothes Home Walls

A softened version of red, pink brings forth a down-to-earth emotion. Pink signifies patience, compassion, hope, love, and warmth. Initial exposure to the color pink has a calming effect, known as “The Pink Effect.”

Although pink is often displayed in young girls’ rooms, any person can benefit from the placating effects of a pink domain. The guest room could act as a perfect spot for pink, promoting peacefulness and rest for your guests.

Orange Energizes Home Walls

The color orange works very well at drawing in our attention. Orange signifies vibrancy, adventure, happiness, and strength. Orange revitalizes your energy, harnessing your inner child.

Studies show that orange encourages conversation and stimulates appetite, which could make it a good fit for your kitchen or dining room.

White Opens Home Walls

Although it is not technically a color, white gives you the option of neutrality. Any color decor becomes a statement with a white wall. White signifies cleanliness, protection, renewal, and simplicity. 

In a white room you may feel more organized due to the illusion of openness. A kitchen, living room, or dining room could benefit from white walls. With a seemingly spacious appearance, guests will experience no trouble fitting in and feeling welcome.

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Your home is your garden — or perhaps your garden is your home. In-home gardens are a perfect way to bring life to your home, especially if your desired plants can’t live outside or you don’t have space for a garden. Here are some amazing house plants to turn your space into a natural paradise.

Many plants will grow well in your home, especially if they have a sunny window to sit in. Plants are also a great way to add a bit of color accent to your home, offer air purifications, and grow something delicious for your table.

Before you start perusing all your plant options, here are a few tips to get your garden started. Choose a location in your home that gets lots of sunlight without any weird drafts. You’ll want to ensure that they’re planted in high-quality potting soil and that you water them regularly. But keep in mind that some plants only need minimal care, sunshine, and water.

Snake Plant

This minimal care plant is perfect if you don’t think you have a green thumb, but you want to have plants. A snake plant can survive with hardly any light and very little water. Basically, you could stick it in a closet and water once a month, and it would somehow live. A snake plant is also shown to be a great air filter, removing chemicals from the air such as benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene.


Imagine pretty plants that you can use for your cooking, too! Herbs are a pretty addition to any kitchen window, and their proximity makes it even easier to add some fresh herbs to your cooking. These plants are a perfect and practical addition to any in-home garden!


This low maintenance and fast-growing plant is the perfect option for new gardeners. Scallions grow easily from seeds or even scraps of leftover scallions from your recipes. This grass-like plant is a fun window accent, and it will make your cooking even more delicious.

ZZ Plant

If you want plants in a lower light environment, the ZZ plant is a perfect option because it is both drought tolerant and low maintenance. The plant is able to store water to help it survive droughts, which means that you don’t have to water it often. It prefers once a month.


Small peppers can be the prettiest addition to your indoor plant life. Edible and cute, small peppers such as chili peppers and shishitos can be grown inside. They need plenty of sunshine to thrive so choose a very sunny window.

Aloe Vera

Another multipurpose plant, aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It soothes wounds and various skin conditions as well. Aloe vera prefers super dry soil and lots of sunshine so stick it in a window and feel free to forget to water it for weeks on end. It will thrive. And that’s perfect for people who don’t have a green thumb.

No matter what plants you choose to grow indoors, you’ll discover a perfect way to add to the décor of your home while also purifying the air. Plants of all kinds offer an uplifting presence to any home.

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There are 29 homesites available starting at $460,000 with customizable plans ranging from 2,199 to 3,795 sqft. Choose anywhere from 2 to 6 bedrooms, 2 to 4.5 baths, and 2 to 5 car garages. Also available is a wall of glass door sliders that optimize views of the picturesque Southern Arizona mountains. 

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