If you see it and like it — then buy it fast! 

The land market in Tucson is just as hot as the weather. And although May 2021 saw an uptick in median lot prices, up from 48% compared to last year, the land is selling faster.

Land sold exponentially better in May this year than last year — The Tucson Lot and Land market announced this growth in the May 2021 report. It proclaimed 109 closings in May 2021, a 252% increase from May 2020. Year-to-date 2021 there were 624 closings, a 259% increase from year-to-date 2020. Months of Inventory was 7.5, up from 43.6 in May 2020. The median price of sold lots was $125,096 for the month of May 2021, up 48% from May 2021. The Tucson Lot and Land area had 121 new properties under contract in May 2021, up 105% from May 2021.

The only decrease May 2021 saw was active inventory, reported at 821, a 39% decrease from May 2020. Demand for property is remarkably high and inventory is low, so prices are increasing to keep up with demand.

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