Undoubtedly, Tucson presents a wide range of opportunities to pique your interest. But, it’s also nice to get out and take an adventure beyond city limits for the day. You don’t need to travel too far or spend the night to enjoy all of the fun activities around Tucson. Discover a mixture of history, nature, and fun goodies on these day trips.

Mount Lemmon / Summerhaven

An hour’s drive, about 30 miles north of Tucson, brings you to Mount Lemmon and Summerhaven. This “Island in the Sky” completely transforms from a desert terrain of cacti and mesquite trees to a winter wonderland of leafy ferns and pines the farther you travel up the scenic byway.

Many people come to Mount Lemmon to hike, stargaze, picnic, ski, snowboard, sled, and snowshoe. During the winter season, the quaint community of Summerhaven on Mt. Lemmon is the place to stay warm with its cozy cabins for renting and the delicious fudge from the Mt. Lemmon General Store & Gift Shop.

Desert Belle Cruises on Saguaro Lake

Two hours from Tucson, sail away on the Desert Belle Tour Boat for a 90-minute cruise where a coastguard-certified captain will share interesting facts on the history and wildlife of the Sonoran Desert.

The serene experience is highlighted by the magic of this teardrop-silver and shimmering lake, towering canyon walls, the fountain of knowledge, and refreshments. Desert Belle serves alcohol, soda, and water for the humans on board, and popcorn for feeding the ducks during the excursion.

Desert Belle offers different cruise experiences, including ones with live music every Saturday and Sunday, as well as Wine Cruises and Narration Cruises.

Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Spelunking for everyone! A closer, 30-minute drive from the heart of Tucson, Colossal Cave Mountain Park is open daily for cave tours. After venturing the caves, you can embark on many different adventures like hiking, biking, or horseback riding the trails of the Sonoran Desert.

Picnic for the day and grab a refreshment from the nearby Terrace Café & Shop. This historic, limestone structure features spectacular views of the rolling desert landscape to enjoy while trying delicious recipes and a tasty selection of craft beers and wine.


The authentic spirit of the old west lives on in the city of Tombstone, AZ. This one-hour trip from Tucson will transport you back to the wild wild west. After getting its start as a silver mining claim in the late-1870s, the settlement boomed into an entertainment hub of opera, theaters, dance halls, and brothels.

Put your cowboy hats on, dust off your chaps, and walk the dusty, wooden boardwalks of this famous town. Numerous shops, restaurants, and saloons line the walkway. And, you’ll leave with your own personal experience and history of the “Town Too Tough to Die.”

Sonoita Vineyards

Sonoita Vineyards is the oldest running commercial vineyard and winery in the state of Arizona. An hour from Tucson, situated in the rolling hills in the Sonoita-Elgin area of Southern Arizona, this Winery offers many award-winning wines crafted from native grapes—all for your tasting pleasure.

The views from the winery are unparalleled along with a great ambiance that complements the tasting experience. With selections for every taste—dry, sweet, dessert—there’s wine in store for you and great history about the vineyard’s beginnings.

Tucson is a beautiful place to put roots down with a plethora of ventures to embark on. Make Southern Arizona your charming abode with the help of Fairfield Homes. We’ve been in the business of building custom and semi-custom homes for over two decades, and we know just how to blend beautiful architectural structures without disturbing the stunning natural landscape. Get started on finding your perfect-fit homesite. Contact Fairfield Homes today.

Seasons change and so can the aesthetic of your home. There are many ways to decorate your space with a fall festive and warm feel. Whether you’re looking for an elegant, statement-making fall arrangement for your table centerpiece or something on the casual side of everyday decor, you can surely find something on this list to suit your style.

1. Charming Table Centerpieces

Dress your table up for the season of home cooking. Table centerpieces draw attention and make a statement. For your centerpiece, you can choose to go as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

Take a container that best represents the season to you and fill it with all of the fall tones—whether that be fiery flowers, berries, leaves, pinecones, pumpkin, squash, apples, or gourds. You could even take out and replace pieces throughout the season to impress your guests with a new, stunning centerpiece each night.

2. Bewitching Mantelpiece Arrangements

Elevate nights around the fireplace with a fresh fall mantelpiece look. A garland isn’t just a great ornament to hang at Christmastime; use the decorative braid to display pumpkins, leaves, or flowers. Then, layer it in autumnal hues and plaid accents to bring your display to life. A Halloween-themed mantelpiece could even include dark colors, candle holders, and cobwebs for a spooky delight.

3. Stylish Candle Holders

Keep your table or mantel spooky and bright with stylish fall candle holders. When it comes to creating a snug atmosphere, the aroma of a themed candle heightens the experience. It’s only fitting to adorn your best fall candles with a candle holder that represents the season.

Candle holders come in many shapes, textures, colors, and designs. To suit the theme, a flora taper candle holder goes cleverly with your foliage decorations or a vintage brass candelabra brings a classic touch of beauty.

4. Personalized Autumn Signs

Prop up a sign to complete your modern fall decor. A welcoming autumn sign can add a touch of warmth and cheer to your home. Each little message portrays it loud and clear: The autumn season is here and let’s celebrate! A fall sign like “Hey There Pumpkin” is a charming and amusing display for guests, whereas “Give Thanks” could leave a sweet reminder to express gratitude for the season.

5. Fall-Themed Pillows

Prep your sofa, bed, or outdoor seating for the season with a few festive throw pillows. Your guests need something comfortable to rest against, and there are endless fall-themed pillows to adorn and cozy up to — like harvest, leaves, plaid, pumpkins, and more designs. But when in doubt, a simple rich color, warm texture, or iconic pattern can spruce up the autumnal impression of your home.

6. Cozy Flannel Blankets

Nothing accentuates a throw pillow quite like a cozy blanket. Ultra-soft flannel blankets can be a focal point on your couch while also offering functionality for guests to use for warmth. Your choice of flannel colors and shades will depend on the rest of your interior decorations, but nevertheless, it will play off your fall decor by adding a timeless, cozy appeal.

7. Layered Rugs

Double up on rugs to create a richer and comfortable feel. Layering rugs is a design style where you place one rug on top of another. It makes your space seem more defined, warmer, and comfortable. When you’re selecting the right floor coverings, you’ll need to consider the thickness of each carpet, the colors, and the patterns to complement the room. A popular choice in layering rugs is to use a neutral base rug and overlap it with a smaller, textured rug.

8. Pumpkin Wreath

The outside of your home deserves a “fall” makeover just as much as—if not more than—the inside of your home does. Hanging the prettiest fall wreath on the front door and adorning your porch with holiday cheer shows guests exactly what’s in store indoors and maximizes curb appeal. An assortment of miniature pumpkins and wreath frames can be found at local craft stores as well as artificial red, yellow, and orange leaves for a decorative arrangement you can create yourself.

9. Twinkling Outdoor Lights

Brighten your autumn mood with the best fall lighting. The lower temperatures allow us more time outdoors, and what better way to boost the ambiance than with illuminating features? String lights can be placed in many different areas, like on surrounding trees, a deck railing, posts, and more. Another neat lighting idea is luminaries along the walkway—which can also double as a pathway for trick-or-treaters to reach your doorstep.

10. Classy Halloween Decorations

Last but not least, ‘tis the season of Halloween, which not only means dressing ourselves up, but our home too! Getting into the Halloween spirit does not mean you must go over the top with inflatables or frightening animatronic figurines. From jack-o-lanterns to cauldrons, there’s room in your decor for just the right amount of eerie and elegant that can stay up all season long!

The design of your own home should embody your lifestyle. At Fairfield Homes, we can tailor your dream home to your preferences, whether a fully custom build or a partial custom build. Speak with a consultant today to get started on the home of your dreams!

If you see it and like it — then buy it fast! 

The land market in Tucson is just as hot as the weather. And although May 2021 saw an uptick in median lot prices, up from 48% compared to last year, the land is selling faster.

Land sold exponentially better in May this year than last year — The Tucson Lot and Land market announced this growth in the May 2021 report. It proclaimed 109 closings in May 2021, a 252% increase from May 2020. Year-to-date 2021 there were 624 closings, a 259% increase from year-to-date 2020. Months of Inventory was 7.5, up from 43.6 in May 2020. The median price of sold lots was $125,096 for the month of May 2021, up 48% from May 2021. The Tucson Lot and Land area had 121 new properties under contract in May 2021, up 105% from May 2021.

The only decrease May 2021 saw was active inventory, reported at 821, a 39% decrease from May 2020. Demand for property is remarkably high and inventory is low, so prices are increasing to keep up with demand.

For four decades, Fairfield Homes has built some of Southern Arizona’s most highly sought-after, master-planned communities. We select the land for our communities with a focus on showcasing all the surrounding natural beauty.

We build every home with uncompromised craftsmanship, tailored customization, and optimized breathtaking views to make your home a paradise.

If you’re looking to build a dream home on your dream property in Tucson, look no further than our semi-custom and custom homes!


Homebuyers entering the market set out in hopes of purchasing a previously-owned home or working with a builder to design their own custom dream home. However, a third option remains for those who would like to buy something new without the hassle of designing an entirely custom home, this option is known as spec homes or move-in ready homes.

What is a spec home?

The term “spec home” comes from the word “speculative.” Builders scope out the market for popular layouts, trends, and needs of the community to make the homes more appealing to potential buyers. When a builder begins the construction of a spec home, they speculate that someone will want to purchase the home and build with a specific demographic in mind.

Is a spec home the same as a model home?

The short answer is no, a spec home is not the same as a model home. For spec homes, a builder buys a specific plot of land, assuming someone will want a home there and begins building with the intent of selling. Typically, builders construct model homes in large batches, like a subdivision, with a few basic floor plans prepared for each. Most model homes look alike, whereas a spec home offers prospective buyers some customization power.

If a buyer shows interest during the early construction of a spec home, that buyer can jump in with customizations, finishings, and materials that one would consider an upgrade. In terms of price, spec homes fall in the middle between custom homes and model homes, with model homes being on the cheaper side due to material and build time.

As for choosing between a model home versus a spec home, consider if the home fits your needs. Ask yourself, what’s my budget? Do I like the home? Would I make any changes? How close is it to the amenities I’m looking for? If you would rather have some say in location or customization, you may consider a spec home instead.

What are the benefits of buying a spec home?

Expect quick, ready move-ins when choosing a spec home. Unlike custom home building, which generally requires eight months to two years, spec home building takes approximately six months to complete. Even then, spec homes typically go up for sale closer to the end of construction.

Since spec homes show up on the market closer to the finish date, you gain a more hands-off approach than custom home building requires. If you want to skip the process of choosing every detailed decision, from floor plans to roof material, then spec homes are the way to go. You won’t come down with a case of designer fatigue — otherwise known as feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options and decisions — because the builder makes those decisions for you.

However, some spec builders will allow a buyer to make changes in the early stages of construction. If you find a spec home that you like and want to buy, you could negotiate alterations or additions with the builder — so long as it’s fixed at a reasonable rate and written out in a contract. If you decide you like the house the way it is, the only step is choosing the finishes for your home and moving in!

Specs also allow buyers a chance to see the home before they decide to buy. Potential buyers can peruse the already-constructed site and visualize themselves living there. They may decide the layout is not what they’re looking for or fall completely in love with, already envisioning designs for each room. Overall, spec homes save buyers time otherwise spent on researching, planning, and decision making in the custom build world.

What are the downsides of buying a spec home?

The biggest downside of buying a spec house is not making most of the major design decisions. Some buyers want complete control over how their home looks, from the foundation to the general layout to the siding material. Creating a home and buying a home are big decisions. If spec homes do not meet a buyer’s expectations, then a custom home may fit better.

Ready to discover your dream home? At Fairfield, we design spec, custom, and semi-custom homes perfect for your lifestyle amongst awe-inspiring desert views. Reach out to us today for more information!


In lieu of Tucson lowering COVID-19 vaccine registration to those 16 and older, people are preparing to relocate at higher rates to the Tucson area.

The Tucson Multiple Listing Service expects a normal spring real estate market but with increases in sales activity as the season progresses. March 2021 saw a very busy buyer demand amongst new COVID-19 policies, and this is expected to continue despite the rise of home prices and mortgage rates. Existing home sellers and new construction activity remain below levels necessary to bring the market back into balance, pointing to a busy and competitive buyer market in the coming months.

New home listings decreased 6.6 percent for Single Family homes but increased 7.9 percent for Townhouses/Condos. While those Pending Sales increased 37.5 percent for Single Family homes and 52.1 percent for Townhouses/Condos. Inventory decreased 71.1 percent for Single Family and 64.0 percent for Townhouses/Condos.

Median Sales Price increased 25.5 percent to $320,000 for Single Family homes and 13.1 percent to $195,693 for Townhouses/Condos. The number of days a home has been on the market decreased 45.9 percent for Single Family and 40.7 percent for Townhouses/Condos. Months Supply of Inventory decreased 75.0 percent for Single Family and 72.2 percent for Townhouses/Condos.

Homebuilders are working to increase their activity. However, new home construction remains limited with a substantial increase in costs due to the price increase on lumber and other materials. The accumulation of issues has backlogged the supply chain. 

Meanwhile, a new method of construction, 3D printing, is being introduced this year. As the first 3D-printed house just listed for sale only mere weeks ago, we may see an increased speed in the construction of homes and reduced costs in the future. Although this development is new and exciting, realistically, a complete change in the market won’t be seen for years to come.

If you’re looking for a dream home in Tucson, look no further than our luxurious, semi-custom homes. 

For four decades, Fairfield Homes has built some of Southern Arizona’s most highly sought-after, master-planned communities. We are intentional about the land we select for our communities — finding awe-inspiring mountain views and lush desert landscapes with distinctive characteristics.

We build every home with uncompromised craftsmanship, tailored customization, and optimized breathtaking views to make your home a paradise. Explore our variety of beautiful homes and vibrant communities today

Dining in or dining out? With the pandemic still looming, a night out at a public restaurant may not seem like an option. Although indoor dining establishments sanctioned COVID-19 protocols, people may not feel safe in a more confined space. Outdoor dining limits close face-to-face contact with enough physical distancing for a safe dining experience. For Tucson, the outdoor dining options remain limitless.

Check out the best outdoor dining spots for a safe and appetizing night out in Tucson!

Baja Cafe of Tucson

Enjoy American and Southwestern cuisine at one of three Baja Cafe locations in Tucson. Baja Cafe on Campbell (not to be confused with Ina or Broadway) offers the best shade on their outdoor patio and best breakfast in town. Baja Cafe hosts a creative menu, with classic breakfast options like “Skooby Snak,” a toasted English muffin with one egg, fire-roasted green chile, herb cream cheese, and sausage or ham and specialty bloody marys.

Brunch it up and stay cool under this shaded outdoor patio!

To see more from their menu and how they are maintaining safe distances, find their website at http://www.bajacafetucson.com/#location/

5 Points Market and Restaurant

5 Points? More like 5 stars. This farm-to-table American-style restaurant and market serves the healthiest breakfast and lunch options. Besides their remarkable food plating skills, 5 Points Market offers outdoor seating on their flora-packed patio. The surrounding flora and fauna allow for a physically distanced and fragrant dining experience.

Eat fresh and smell the roses!

Scroll through their website for restaurant or market options: https://www.5pointstucson.com/

Vivace Restaurant

Although Vivace’s indoor seating exhibits fine dining at its best, a la complimentary water for each guest and exceptionally placed utensils over a white tablecloth, the outdoor seating exceeds in comparison. The outdoor fountain takes center stage, but the breathtaking view of Tucson mountains aligned in the background catches the eye and assures a peaceful atmosphere. Making it in Business Insider’s “The 100 Most Scenic Restaurants in the US,” Vivace Restaurant will not disappoint.

Enjoy the scenery and Northern Italian selection!

Check their menu out at https://www.vivacetucson.com/menu

La Cocina

La Cocina makes you feel right at home. Guests describe this restaurant as a “nice little oasis” where people come to revel in the atmosphere. Under a shaded canopy, this beautiful courtyard restaurant delights guests with live music and various Mexican, American, or Southwestern cuisine. Several shops surround La Cocina to explore before or after your meal.

Eat out at your home away from home!

Find out more on their website at https://lacotucson.com/

Proof Artisanal Pizza & Pasta

Experience a happy hour like no other at Proof Artisanal Pizza & Pasta. This Southern-Italian style restaurant offers unique menu items, like their baked potato pizza, and specialty drinks — including non-alcoholic options apart from the customary soda. The open courtyard and fire pit add a unique ambiance unlike any other on this list. Listen to relaxing live music and keep warm under this sheltered dining establishment.

The proof is in the pizza & pasta!

Curious to know more about Proof’s eclectic menu? Discover more at https://www.prooftucson.com/menus

Union Public House

Looking for a spot for dinner but everything closes in Tucson at 9 P.M.? Good thing Union Public House stays open until 2 A.M. and continues to uphold COVID measures no matter the time of day. Don’t sweat at Union Public House because no other place feels as spacious and you won’t feel rushed to finish your meal. This expansive courtyard features a grand fountain adjacent to the live music stage. Lights hang overhead, establishing a safe and comfortable space for guests.

Take your time and look over the menu!

Browse their menu at https://www.uniontucson.com/full-menu

Fairfield Homes knows how important it is to feel safe in your own space. We can help you by creating a custom home that fits your lifestyle. Speak with one of our industry experts today to get started!  

Monsoon season officially started on June 15. Known for bringing strong winds and heavy rains to Tucson, Monsoons can cause flash floods that occur within minutes. The dry soil of Southern Arizona is unable to absorb the sudden rainfall, leaving many homes susceptible to flooding. 

You can minimize Tucson monsoon water damage by making some tweaks to your property before a monsoon strikes. Here are some helpful tips to keep your property safe in the event of a monsoon! 

Clean Your Gutters
Living in a desert climate with little rainfall can make it easy to overlook your clogged gutters. A simple way to protect your home and its foundations during monsoon season is to clear out your gutters and seal any gaps so that they operate properly. 

If your home does not have gutters, now is the time to install them. Excess rainfall saturates the dry soil beneath your home and causes it to swell, threatening the foundations of your house. Gutters help to carry excess water away from your home, so be sure that they drain a minimum of 10 feet away from your home. 

Prune Branches and Trees
While rain and water damage are a big concern during monsoons, strong winds can also lead to property damage. Be sure to prune and thin trees near your home, especially ones near your roof or windows.

The same goes for any loose debris in your yard. Monsoon winds can get up to 115mph, turning otherwise harmless objects into dangerous projectiles capable of damaging cars, windows, and other property. 

Improve Water Drainage
A graded property that slopes away from your home is one of the best ways to reduce flooding and foundation damage, but there are a number of smaller fixes to help manage excess rainwater during a monsoon. 

  • Add drains to your driveways and patios.
  • Consider using permeable pavers. These porous alternatives to traditional paving allow water to soak through them. 
  • Get creative with your landscaping. Rock rivers and more plants will help guide and absorb some of the rainfall. 

Inspect Your Roof
The last thing you want during a monsoon is a leaky roof. Be sure that your roof is ready for increased rainfall by scheduling a roof inspection. If any leaks or cracks are found be sure to repair them, as heavy monsoon rainfall will only make them worse. 

In the event that your roof is damaged during a monsoon, be sure to take immediate action. 

Don’t wait for a monsoon to strike, take these precautions today to reduce potential future damage. If you are able to stop the source of the flooding, do so quickly — quicker response often means less damage. Move personal belongings to a safe space, and do not stand in water than has been allowed to sit for too long, as interior flood water can quickly turn into mold and affect your health. 


Tucson, a desert paradise that boasts energetic retirees as well as college students, is a true hotbed for innovation, nature, and relaxation. From its eclectic downtown and interesting history to its outdoor adventure and foodie culture, Tucson has something for everyone, making it an ideal place to live or visit.


If you’re looking for reasons to live in Tucson, Arizona, look no further. We’ve assembled a list of all the reasons that you would want to call Tucson home.


Desert and Mountains

If you love the outdoors, Tucson boasts five stunning mountain ranges that surround the Sonoran Desert. These mountain ranges include the Santa Catalina Mountains, Tortolita Mountains, Santa Rita Mountains, Rincon Mountains, and the Tucson Mountains. Laced with hiking trails and bike paths, Tucson is an easy choice for hikers. 


Golfers Greens

Avid golfers love Tucson for its wide variety of golf greens to choose from with more than 40 courses throughout the metro of Tucson. Rooted in the golf tradition founded by Cologuard Classic, a Tucson PGA TOUR Champions Tour event that’s played on the Omni Tucson National’s Catalina Course, Tucson challenges every level of golfer with a wide variety of courses. All golf courses flaunt breathtaking desert and mountain views.


Downtown Tucson

Tucson locals love their city, and it’s obvious from the many activities and businesses available to all. Downtown is mapped out across six districts, each of them with a distinct culture and collection of unique offerings. Often called eclectic, Tucson is the perfect place to inspire creativity. The Tucson Streetcar provides transit throughout the downtown destinations, also connecting to the University of Arizona. So park and explore!


An Education Hub

While Tucson has gained recognition for being an ideal location for retirement, it also boasts world-renowned colleges and universities with the University of Arizona, Pima Community College, and charter schools. In fact, two high schools within Tucson have ranked in the top five schools nationally. Access to these schools means that Tucson brims with sporting events, theater performances, and so much more.


Foodie Heaven

Tucson locals love their food, and they celebrate it in a variety of ways. For example, the city boasts twenty-three miles of Mexican food. Of course, there are a variety of options, including American, Italian, Southwestern, and Mexican. Tucson received the designation of World City of Gastronomy from UNESCO Creative Cities Network—that’s some serious food love. The region has a history of 4,000 years’ worth of agriculture, Sonoran foods, and desert dining.


Quality Healthcare

Between the University of Arizona and the Banner University Medical Center, Tucson is one of the most informed when it comes to medical research and teaching up-and-coming medical professionals. The area is home to many of the best physicians, specialists, and nurses in the nation. Exceptional medical care is usually very close by.


Biker Wonderland

If you love to commute by bike or just go on long bike rides for fun, Tucson is considered one of the top bike-friendly cities in America by multiple news sources such as Bustle, Bicycle Magazine, and Outdoor Magazine. Travel Channel has even declared that Tucson has “more bicycle infrastructure than any city in the United States.” So whether you prefer a bike commute or a bike trail, Tucson is ready for you.


World-Renowned Events

Tucson boasts a number of events all year round, throughout the week and weekend! In fact, in 2017, Tucson received the designation of IFEA World Festival and Event City. This designation is reserved for communities that showcase leadership in festival and event partnerships. Tucson attracts visitors from all over the world for their events: La Fiesta de los Vaqueros Rodeo, Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, El Tour de Tucson.


Mecca of History

The perfect blend of everything Southwest, Tucson carries the weight of Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and American heritages. This means Tucson is filled with art and history that represents the unique grouping of communities that have called Tucson home. Historic sites include Mission San Xavier del Bac, Presidio San Agustin del Tucson Museum, and Tohono O’odham Nation Cultural Center & Museum.


Strong Community

Tucson believes in community. While locals practice caring for their neighbors, the city is actually known for having the largest number of nonprofits per capita! Tucson is a friendly place to live or visit, and most are so willing to help however they can.


We’ve given you 10 reasons to live in Tucson, but rest assured that there are plenty of other reasons to fall in love with this amazing city. After all, every local loves Tucson for a different reason.


At Fairfield Homes, we are ready to make your dream home come true! Contact us today to get started with one of our industry professionals.